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Does television accurately portray psychologists and psychological therapies?  What is reality TV?  There are currently a plethora of television shows ranging from documentary-style to fictional but do they accurately portray psychological issues?  How can psychologists be involved in TV and offer support, commentary and advice that is ethical?  I will be exploring my personal journey and experience working for a number of years as a TV psychologist (for example, Channel 4s "The Hoarder Next Door") and will be asking the following questions: are TV psychologists doing more harm than good? Is what they do simply exploitation, or is there more to it?  Are some shows better at satisfying our baser instincts than giving an accurate portrayal of psychological issues?      

 The event is open to all health care professionals.

Please join us after the presentation for light refreshments. 

Places are limited, please contact Angela Fox if you would like to attend (