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Food allergy is an immunological reaction to protein in foods causing debilitating and sometimes severe and even fatal symptoms.  There is no cure and sufferers have to constantly monitor the ingredients in food they eat in order to avoid triggering a reaction.  The burden of this constant vigilance often falls to the carer of younger children and the perceived risk of fatal reactions to food has in impact on quality of life and has been related to high levels of stress, anxiety, worry and in some cases depression.  Mothers seem to be particularly affected by stress and worry, partly as they often take on the responsibility of managing their child’s food allergy and ensuring they do not have a potentially fatal allergic reaction.  Few interventions have been developed to help patients and families cope with the anxiety and fear that can be associated with managing food allergy, but preliminary evidence suggests interventions based on cognitive behavioural therapy may be beneficial. This talk will explore the impact food allergy has on patients and their families and the potential for CBT based interventions to help improve allergy management and quality of life.

This event is open to all health care professionals.      

Places are limited. If you would like to attend, please contact Angela Fox (