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Liz specialises in a physical healthcare setting, working with clients who have experienced Spinal Cord Injuries and Burn Injuries.  She has a special interest in the role Clinical Psychology can play in supporting the wellbeing of multi-disciplinary staff working in healthcare settings, and the impact this can have on improving patient experience.  

Schwartz Rounds are a confidential, multidisciplinary forum designed for staff to come together once a month to reflect on the emotional and social experiences associated with their work.  The focus of this forum is not on the clinical aspects of the patient, but on staff experience.  They follow a specified, evidence-based format, and no answers or expertise are sought. 

Schwartz Rounds were mentioned in the Francis Report as being something that can improve team building.  They are mentioned in NHS England Business Plan (2014) as an evidence-based initiative to improve patient experience and they are now running in just under 170 healthcare organisations across the UK and Ireland. 

Liz has been facilitating Schwartz Rounds within Buckinghamshire Healthcare NHS Trust since 2011, and is also a Schwartz Rounds Mentor, operating on behalf of the Point of Care Foundation (who support Schwartz Rounds nationally). In this mentor role she supports other healthcare organisations in successfully implementing and sustaining the running of Schwartz Rounds. 

This open module will provide more detail as to what Schwartz Rounds are, summarise the evidence base for their effectiveness, and Liz will share her experiences of the benefits and challenges of running Schwartz Rounds within an NHS setting.