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Locked-In Syndrome (LIS) is a rare consequence of brain damage. Those who are affected by it are fully conscious but are unable to move or speak due to near paralysis of all voluntary muscles. Communication is only possible with the movement of the eyes. 

This talk will explore the causes of LIS, the risk factors, and the treatment options. Intact cognitive functioning is a prerequisite for a diagnosis of LIS. This seminar will address the neuropsychological functioning of these patients by presenting data from case studies. 

This talk will be told through the journey of Paul Allen, a photographer and a brilliant baritone singer who has a passion for opera. At the age of 56, he sustained a brainstem stroke that left him paralysed and speechless. Paul has Locked-In Syndrome, and we worked together at the Raphael Hospital, a centre for in-patient neurorehabilitation.  

This talk is based on a book by Professor Barbara A. Wilson, Paul Allen, Dr Anita Rose and Veronika Kubickova, Locked-In Syndrome after Brain Damage: Living Within My Head.


Places are limited. If you would like to attend, please contact Angela Fox