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Global Mental Health is a comparatively new area of study and research that is concerned with addressing inequities and inequalities in mental health provision across the globe. In recent years concerted efforts have been made to scale-up mental health services in the Global South. As such, there has been tendency to view people living in the Global South as recipients of mental health related knowledge, rather than providers of knowledge. Critics have referred to the prevailing flow of information from the Global North to the Global South as a form of medical imperialism. To redress the apparent imbalance in knowledge exchange, this paper reflects on valuable lessons that the Global North can potentially learn from the Global South in terms of supporting mental well-being. Specifically the talk reflects on how a greater willingness to embrace pluralism in the Global South may facilitate people to engage with forms of support that they believe to be appropriate for them. The paper also explores examples of what are termed counter-flows of knowledge; ideas that have originated from the Global South that are influencing mental health related practice in the Global North. Barriers to potential counter-flows are also discussed.

This event is open to all health care professionals.

Please join us after the presentation for light refreshments.

Places are limited, please contact Angela Fox if you would like to attend.  (