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Trainee Support & Personal and Professional Development


The Course provides a range of support systems that trainees can use flexibly depending on their individual needs and preferences.  Each trainee is allocated a Clinical Tutor and a Research Tutor. Clinical Tutors are responsible for coordinating and monitoring the clinical placement experience for each trainee, and facilitating and supporting the development of clinical competencies across the three years of training.


Research Tutors facilitate the development of each trainee’s research competence, and provide individual support with the service related project and the research dissertation. Academic Tutors also meet regularly with trainees to discuss academic and general Course related issues.


Personal and professional development is facilitated through supporting reflective practice in a variety of ways, including professional reflection seminars, trainee led reflection sessions, and six-monthly confidential appraisal meetings with a member of Course staff.  There is a “Buddy” system where each new trainee is offered support from a trainee in the year above. There is an optional Personal Tutor system where trainees can select a Personal Tutor, from a list of local clinical psychologists, for confidential mentoring. There is also a list of local therapists available for trainees who decide to self-fund personal therapy.