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To aid those interested in applying to the Oxford Doctoral Course training programme, we have developed an Eligibility Checklist to help applicants. Please see below. Elsewhere on the website you will find answers to Frequently Asked Questions, our Essential and Desirable criteria for applying, and our Academic Scoring criteria. 


Oxford Doctoral Course in Clinical Psychology - Eligibility Checklist for 2020 Entry

1. Have you achieved one of these qualifications? 

  • A 1st class or 2.1 undergraduate degree in Psychology 
  • An undergraduate degree in another subject, with a Masters level conversion course in Psychology with a Distinction or Merit grade. 


               YES                                                                               NO

Proceed to Question 3.                                                 Proceed to Question 2. 



2. Are you currently in the final year of your undergraduate psychology degree?


                 YES                                                                               NO

Any offer of a place will be conditional                              You are not currently eligible for 

      upon achieving a 2:1 or higher.                                         this training programme.



3. Have you undertaken clinically relevant work experience? 

  • This may include work as an Assistant Psychologist, Improving Access to Psychological Therapies (IAPT) worker, Research Assistant, certain Healthcare Assistant / Support Worker posts). Experience could also be in the context of a degree placement or research post. Please visit the Clearing House: Relevant Experience site to check your eligibility


                 YES                                                                               NO

Proceed to Question 4.                                         You are not currently eligible for 

                                                                                       this training programme.



4. Do you have two appropriate references (reflecting different aspects of your experience i.e. one related to work and one academic)?  


            YES                                                                               NO

Proceed to Question 5.                                         You are not currently eligible for 

                                                                                     this training programme.



5. Are you eligible for Home Fees status? 


               YES                                                                               NO

Proceed to Question 6.                                         You are not currently eligible for 

                                                                                      this training programme.



6. Do you have the right to work in the UK? 


             YES                                                                               NO

Proceed to Question 7.                                         You are not currently eligible for 

                                                                                      this training programme.



7. If English is not your first language, do you have either of the following? 


             YES                                                                               NO

Proceed to Question 8.                                     You will need to complete an IELTS test,   

                                                                           Scoring at higher level (7.5), before     

                                                                             applying to the training programme.



8. Do you have Graduate Basis for Chartered Membership (GBC) from the British Psychological Society (BPS)? 


              YES                                                                               NO

Proceed to Question 9.                                     You will need to apply for membership before        

                                                                                 applying to this training programme.



9. Will this be the only degree course you are due to be registered on from September 2020?

  • If appointed, candidates should not simultaneously be registered for any other degree course (e.g. Ph.D.). 


                 YES                                                                               NO

You are eligible to apply for the                           You may be required to withdraw from any

   Oxford training programme                              other programme in order to take up a place  

                                                                                 on the Oxford training programme 


Please note: All applicants are required to submit copies of their academic transcripts / qualifications as part of the application process. This includes Higher education e.g. A-level or equivalent. 

Higher education certificates should be submitted directly to the course at:


Degree transcripts should be submitted with your application to the Clearing House.