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Welcome to the International Route Support (IRS) Programme run by the Oxford Institute of Clinical Psychology Training (OXICPT).  The Programme is specifically designed to support psychologists pursuing registration as a Clinical Psychologist through the HCPCs International Route. 

The HCPC can require an International Route applicant (e.g. from the EU) to undertake a period of adaptation before they can be registered.  Other applicants (e.g. not from the EU) may need to develop and demonstrate proficiencies in certain “shortfall” areas before they meet the requirements for registration.

What does the Programme offer for an International Route Candidate?

1)  Pre-Application Support: 

Consultation and advice regarding the most appropriate HCPC registration route to follow and how best to negotiate the HCPC process.

2)  Post-Application Support:

This may include i) consultation and advice -  e.g. for non EU candidates about how they may best develop and demonstrate the proficiencies identified by the HCPC as “shortfalls”; ii) help finding appropriate supervisor(s) for periods of adaptation or clinical placements; iii)  support and monitoring of periods of adaptation or the development of “shortfall” proficiencies -  so that the candidate and their supervisor(s) maximise their chances of successfully fulfilling HCPC requirements.  For non-EU candidates this may also include advising on any academic work which may be helpful in demonstrating “shortfall” proficiencies; iv) research consultation -  this support can be provided by clinical psychologists with extensive research experience to advise, support and consult on any research requirements; v) workshops and tutorials - small group or one-to-one support can be provided to help with HCPC requirements; vi)  peer support - mutual support networks with other HCPC candidates are available to help make the HCPC process a less solitary experience; vii) financial support - the programme normally reimburses HCPC fees at the point of successful HCPC registration for candidates it takes on.

How is the Programme funded? 

Health Education Thames Valley (HE TV) funds Clinical Psychology training in Oxfordshire, Buckinghamshire and Berkshire.  They have always appreciated the importance of helping overseas candidates become eligible for practising as a Clinical Psychologist in the UK as this contributes significantly to NHS recruitment and retention of clinicians.  Since October 2003 they have made funding available to candidates who pursue their UK registration with the support of the Oxford Institute of Clinical Psychology Training.

 What is the Oxford Institute of Clinical Psychology Training? 

The Oxford Institute of Clinical Psychology Training provides a range of Clinical Psychology Training including the Oxford Doctoral Course in Clinical Psychology. This is a prequalification course, training 50 trainees at any given time for the University of Oxford’s Doctoral degree in Clinical Psychology.  It is attached to Harris Manchester College, Oxford and has a catchment area for clinical placements of Oxfordshire, Buckinghamshire and Berkshire.  The Institute and the Course have provided support for overseas candidates for over 10 years. 

To apply for Pre-Application Support the candidate provides the IRS Programme with:

1)    An up-to-date CV.

2)    A recent reference from a clinical psychologist.

3)    A covering letter requesting that the Oxford Institute of Clinical Psychology Training IRS Programme provides them with support.

To apply for Post-Application Support the candidate also provides: 

1)   A copy of the HCPC letter in response to their application for registration.

2)    A letter of support from their Manager agreeing to release time to complete their requirements (if they need to take time out of their current employment—typically two days per week).

 What happens next? 

Following a request for Pre-Application Support the IRS Programme Leader will normally meet with the candidate to discuss their support needs and whether the Programme is able to meet these.  Candidates requesting Post-Application support will normally be invited for an interview with the IRS Programme Committee to discuss what support they may require and to decide whether the Programme can provide this.  The criteria by which these decisions are made include:

1)    The candidate working in, living in or living adjacent to the area covered by Health      Education Thames Valley.

2)    A satisfactory reference from a clinical psychologist.

3)    The candidate’s clinical experience/suitability for clinical work.

4)    The likelihood that the candidate will work in the area covered by HE TV (in the NHS or          related clinical setting) on registering as a clinical psychologist.

5)    The availability of clinical placements/periods of adaptation to the candidate by an eligible clinical psychologist(s).

6)    The applicant’s commitment to completing their requirements.

7)    A maximum period of adaptation or likely clinical placement requirement of 195 days.

8)    The extent of any research requirements. 

What happens once a candidate is accepted? 

If the candidate is accepted the IRS Programme allocates them a Supporting Tutor from the OXICPT.  They will work with the candidate to develop an individualised training plan for negotiating the HCPC processes and facilitate the support they require as they proceed.


For further information or to apply to the Programme please contact:

Dr Nigel King

Consultant Clinical Neuropsychologist & IRS Programme Leader

Oxford Institute of Clinical Psychology Training

Isis Education Centre, Warneford Hospital, Headington                                

Oxford   OX3 7JX

Tel: + 44 (0) 1865 226431