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2014 Intake

Emma Cernis. Improving the clinical understanding and measurement of dissociation

Dimitri Gavriloff. Sleep, sleep difficulties and neurocognition

Catherine Houlihan. Cognitive bias modification, bulimia nervosa and the treatment of eating disorders

Esme Banting. Application of a cognitive model of bulimia nervosa to obesity

Kerrie Bundock. Women who have experienced intimate partner violence and return to an abusive relationship

Katherine Durka. The experience of receiving dexamethasone during treatment for acute lymhoblastic leukaemia and lymphoblastic lymphona in adolescence

Lucy Fitton. An exploratory study of executive functioning in older offenders

Camilla Holden. Parents of adults with MS: What is their role and how does it change over time? A grounded theory study

Matthew Larbey. Mood and anxiety in stroke survivors; links to cognition and lesion

Joseph Mole. Predictimg activity/engagement 6 months post stroke

Amy Murphy. Experience of social interaction and communication after attending a Cognitive Stimulation Group

Natasha Patel. How is mindfulness in schools experienced by adolescents from a South Asian background?

Owen Rye. Recall to hospital from conditional community discharge

Rebekah Tennyson-Taylor. Young adults' experience of ovarian tissue cryopreservation and cancer treatment

Megan Wingfield. Adoptive parents' experience of Dyadic Developmental Psychotherapy