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The Institute has a vibrant and progressive research agenda and promotes the involvement of service users and carers in the research programme. The development of research skills relevant to clinical practice is strongly emphasized in formal teaching sessions, enquiry based learning, seminars, workshops, consultation and individual supervision of research projects. Trainees are encouraged to gain experience in a range of research methods and are able to access a wide variety of resources through the Bodleian and NHS Libraries, IT Services and Course Archive. 

Our research programme comprises several streams that involve collaboration between course staff, trainees, clinicians and other stakeholders. We conduct research using a range of methodological approaches, both quantitative and qualitative. Our research streams reflect the Institute's wide range of expertise in a number of topics.

Institute staff and trainees regularly undertake research in partnership with a number of other leading psychological research centres within the Thames Valley including;

The Department of Experimental Psychology, Oxford University

The Department of Psychiatry, Oxford University

The Anxiety and Depression in Young People Research Clinic, University of Reading