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Oxicpt hosts highly succesful neuropsychology workshop

OXCIPT hosted a one day workshop entitled Neuropsychology Refresher Skills for Non Neuropsychologists on May 18th 2017 and a second workshop on Neuropsychologically Informed Therapy in Mental Health Settings on the following day. The first day was a re-hosting of a successful workshop presented twice previously over the last 8 years to help re-orientate Non Neuropsychologists to neuropsychological concepts and issues concerning assessment, interpretation and intervention.

The second day saw six clinicians with national and international profiles present on a wide range of innovative ideas on how neuropsychological concepts can be applied to mental health settings. Key speakers included Dr Anke Karl, University of Exeter presenting on the Neuropsychology of Anxiety and Affective disorders, Prof Anthony David, Kings College, London presenting on the Neuropsychology of Psychosis and Dr Trevor Powell, Berkshire NHS Foundation Trust presenting on Working Psychotherapeutically with Patients with Theory of Mind Difficulties.

Both days were very well received with highly positive formal and informal feedback.

Day 1 "Very nicely suited my needs and there was good time for reflection and discussion"

          "Very knowledgeable, friendly presenters"

Day 2 "Fantastic, an interesting day. Inspiring speakers".

          "Excellent range of material and clinical applicability"