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Professor Paul Salkovskis will be taking up the post of Director of the Oxford Institute of Clinical Psychology Training in April 2018

Professor Paul Salkovskis has been appointed as the new Director of the Oxford Institute of Clinical Psychology Training. The new single, overall Director post was created as a result of a review of the directorate structure carried out by Prof Tony Lavender in 2017 and replaces the two previous Joint Director posts. Prof Salkovskis, who is currently Director of the University of Bath Clinical Psychology Doctoral Programme, is expected to take up his post at the Institute in mid-April 2018. 

Paul Salkovskis qualified as a clinical psychologist in 1979 at the Institute of Psychiatry and Maudsley Hospital. He worked for six years in Yorkshire (in Huddersfield then Leeds) as a full time NHS clinical psychologist before moving to Oxford as a Research Clinical Psychologist. In Oxford he was promoted to Professor before moving to work at King’s College London Institute of Psychiatry as Professor of Clinical Psychology and Applied Science and Clinical Director in the Centre for Anxiety Disorders and Trauma in SLaM NHS Trust.

He is regarded as an expert in the understanding and treatment of anxiety disorders in general, and more specifically in OCD, Panic and Agoraphobia and health anxiety, having contributed to the psychological understanding and treatment of these areas. He also has expertise in Health Psychology, having working on Health Screening, Health Decision Making and the identification and treatment of psychological issues in “Medically Unexplained Symptoms” and Long Term Conditions. He is registered with the HCPC as a Health and Clinical Psychologist and is similarly Chartered with the BPS.

Paul is currently Editor of the BABCP Journal, Behavioural and Cognitive Psychotherapy, and is on the editorial board of several other journals. He is Patron of OCD and anxiety disorder charities. His main research interests include the study of cognitive (appraisal) and behavioural (safety seeking) factors in the understanding and treatment of anxiety disorders. He has led CBT skills training both nationally and throughout the world. He has published extensively and is President Elect of the BABCP, to become President in July 2018.

In 2010 he was appointed Programme Director for the Clinical Psychology Doctorate Programme at Bath, with the brief of starting an entirely new programme based on best practice. The resulting programme has now become one of the most sought after training programmes nationally despite being the newest. In addition to its commitment to empirically grounded and person centred approaches, Paul and his team ensured that the programme emphasizes the importance of involvement of People with Personal Experience of Mental Health problems and Treatment, and Trainee and Supervisor Participation.

In Bath, Paul set up and ran a NHS Clinic, working with Avon and Wiltshire Partnership NHS Trust, accepting national referrals involving severe anxiety problems who had not found previous treatment sufficiently helpful. He has continued clinical work in the NHS throughout his career and will work clinically in Oxford on his arrival. He is strongly committed to the continued dissemination and improvement of appropriate help in partnership with all stakeholders. He is very much looking forward to the opportunities offered by the Oxford Institute of Clinical Psychology Training and associated units and groups. In Oxford, he intends to learn from the full range of new colleagues with a view to identifying how best to develop and enhance existing processes in the best interests of those seeking help from NHS services.