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The 2016 Clinical Psychology Doctoral Trainee Research Conference was held in Harris Manchester College's Arlosh Hall on Tuesday 30th August.

Final year trainees gave brief presentations about their recently submitted doctoral research dissertations to other clinical psychology trainees, supervisors, service user & carer representatives and other invited guests. Presentations covered a wide range of topics and clients groups including compassion-based treatment of complex Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, core beliefs in adolescent boys with eating disorder, evaluation of a new scale to assess anxiety in stroke survivors, future-related imagery in pregnant women experiencing depression and a randomized controlled trial of a brief cognitive training to reduce worry.

The trainees presenting at the conference are scheduled to have viva-voce examinations of their dissertations in mid September and are due to complete their three year clinical training at the end of September.

For details of all current trainee research please see our current trainee research page.