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The Oxford Doctoral Programme in Clinical Psychology underwent an accreditation visit from the British Psychological Society in June 2017. The final report has now been received and is available here.

The programme received unconditional accreditation until the 2022/23 academic year. The accreditation team identified 8 areas for specific commendation; these included the enthusiastic support for, and engagement with, the programme by its stakeholders - including the "clear culture and ethos of inclusion and transparency" with regard to involvement of trainees and also service users and carers in the programme planning and delivery.

The team also highlighted recent developments in the curriculum including leadership development, reflective practice, and resilience.Finally the team reported that the "The programme’s supportive ethos shone through" during the visit.

The team made six suggestions for further enhancement of the programme which included reviewing the requirements regarding engagement with supervisor training, reviewing the minimum number of trainee observations by supervisors and vice versa when on placement, reviewing marking categories and identifying the potential for a broader range of assessment tasks and to continue to build on the excellent opportunities that exist for collaboration with stakeholders within the University.

Joint Director, David Murphy, said of the report "The team were incredibly pleased to receive this report, not just because of the positive comments made about the programme but that we felt the accreditation team were really able to get a deep and accurate sense of the programme and as a result we felt that their commendations and suggestions for improvement were both accurate and extremely helpful."

BPS accredited