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Veronika Kubickova

BSc (Hons)

Trainee Clinical Psychologist

What I do

I am in my first year of clinical psychology training and am currently on my first placement working with children, young people and their families. I am based at Raglan House in Cowley working one day a week in the Eating Disorders team and two days in general CAMHS. I support young people to overcome depression, anxiety and help them to restore physical and psychological well-being though individual and family-based interventions.

Professional Interests

Prior to starting training, I have had three years of experience working as an assistant psychologist for the NHS and a private hospital. I have worked in a neuropsychology outpatient team and an inpatient neuro-rehabilitation setting conducting neuropsychological assessments and supporting adults and young people who had suffered a brain injury re-adjust to life post-injury. My most recent assistant psychologist position was at Great Ormond Street hospital supporting children who had been diagnosed with a brain tumour. Through the use of neuropsychological assessments we were interested in evaluating the cognitive effects of the illness and its treatment on a child’s cognitive functioning.

I am interested in the effects migration to a country of refuge has on an individual’s mental health, specifically the developement of emotional and behavioural disorders, such as post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

I am also interested in physical health conditions and their impact on a person's mental health.


Hemmings, L., Kubickova, V., Rose, A. E., Barrainkua, M., Sinden, B., Florschutz, G. (2016, July) Evaluation of a Pilot Brain Injury Awareness Group within an inpatient neurorehabilitation setting.
Poster presentation at the annual conference of the Neuropsychological Rehabilitation Special Interest Group of the WFNR, Glasgow, Scotland.

Wilson, B. A., Kubickova, V (2017, July) How similarly do patients with Locked-In Syndrome (LIS) perform on neuropsychological tests? A comparison of two survivors of LIS.
Abstract presentationat the annual conference of the Neuropsychological Rehabilitation Special Interest Group of the WFNR, Cape Town, South Africa.