Nargis Islam

BSc(Hons), D.Clin.Psych., CPsychol, AFBPsS

Academic Tutor and Clinical Psychologist

  • Year One Tutor
  • Open Module Series Organiser
  • Lead for Resilience Working Group

Dr Nargis Islam is the Academic and Year One Tutor. Nargis is a Chartered Clinical Psychologist who previously worked in child and family services. She now works in Adult Mental Health in Oxfordshire Psychological Therapies Services, in community and inpatient settings. 

Nargis is the convenor for the following modules: Cognitive Behavioural Therapy in Adult Mental Health, Children and Families Module, Lifespan Development, Ethics, Race and Culture, Resilience and clinical skills teaching modules. Nargis also organises the Open Module talks. She is the Lead for the Resilience working group who have offered Resilience workshops for NHS staff teams through the Institute Professional Development Programme. 

Research and Clinical Interests:

  • Resilience in mental health conditions.
  • Trauma in chronic and complex conditions.
  • Applications integrative therapeutic models to address complex mental health problems. 
  • Relational and attachment understandings of mental health difficulties acoss the lifespan.
  • Complexity in clinical practice and therapy systems: this includes the influence of social determinants and social inequality, power within systems.
  • Cross and multi-cultural clinical competency and power in relationships in clinical settings, including gender in leadership. 


  • N. Islam, Gauntlett-Gilbert, J., Eccleston, C., Okirie, E., Russell, L. (2005) Donated Funds Grant, Royal National Hospital for Rheumatic Diseases NHS Trust, Bath,  'Pain and Brain Injury: understanding a complex problem'Amount: £4974. Bath Centre for Pain Management, University of Bath and Royal National Hospital for Rheumatic Diseases NHS Trust,

Recent Publications: 

  • Islam, N. & Schlosser, A. (2016). Women in Leadership in Clinical Psychology: Time for action and solutions. Clinical Psychology Forum, 285, Sept, 14-19.
  • Islam, N. & Harmon, G. (in submission). Resilience in Refugees: Clinical Psychologists' experiences and observations of working with complexity. Journal of Refugee Studies 
  • Islam, N., Khatun, M.N., Siddique, S.K., Das Roy, R., Deeba, F., Siddiqi, S.S. (2010). Exploring the Experiences of Male Perpetrators: Violence Against Women in Bangladesh. Naripokkho: Naripokkho Research Unit, Bangladesh. [CIDA Funded Research Project]
  • Islam, N., Russell, L., & Gauntlett-Gilbert. J., (2007) Clinicians' views of the assessment and treatment of pain in patients with traumatic brain injury. British Journal of Neuroscience Nursing, 3 ( 7), pp 326 – 332.
  • Islam, N., Harris, N., Eccleston, C. (2005) Does technology have a role to play in assisting therapy in a care or home environment? A review of practical issues for health practitioners, Quality in Aging and Older Adults, 7 (1), pp. 49-56.

Conference Presentations and Workshops:

  • Panel member on debate on 'The Future of the Profession: Dreams and Nightmares',  (2017) Division of Clinical Psychology Conference, Liverpool. 
  • Islam, N. & Schlossr, A. (2016). Women in Leadership in Clinical Psychology, Presentation. Group of Trainers in Clinical Psychology (GTiCP) Annual Conference, Stratford-on-Avon.
  • Islam, N. (2016). Gender in Leadership. Presentation. Diversity Training, Oxfordshire Psychological Therapies Service. 
  • Islam, N., Evans, K, Dean, D. (2016-2017) Resilience and Wellbeing at Work. 3 day workshop for Oxford City community mental health teams. 
  • Islam, N. & Evans, K. (2015). Resilience and Wellbeing at Work. Workshop for Oxfordshire Psychological Therapies Service. 

Supervision of trainee doctoral research:

  • Renwick, T. (2015 - ongoing): Homeless women and their relationships: an IPA study (working title)
  • Simeou, M. (2014 – ongoing): Implicit bias and gender in clinical psychology (working title)
  • Stenlake, S. (2013 – 2016):  Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and Queer Experiences of Prejudice and Mental Health Service (qualified 2016)
  • Malik, A. (2012-2015): Resilience In Young People: Risk And Protective Factors (qualified 2015)
  • Betts. E. (2011-2014): Retrospective explorations of developmental transitions in young adult women with Cystic Fibrosis (qualified 2014)