Matthew Larbey

Bsc(hons), MSc

Trainee Clinical Psychologist

What I do

I am currently a first year trainee on placement in the North Oxon Child and adolescent mental health service.

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Professional Interests

My background has been mostly in neuropsychology. I studied a masters in applied neuropsychology at the University of Nottingham and have worked as an assistant psychologist with individuals with brain injuries and in Memory Clinic. I have also been involved in a programme of research into psychosocial interventions for dementia at the PSSRU at Manchester University.

Assessment and psychosocial interventions for neurologically impaired individuals remains a strong interest of mine, as do psychological interventions for older adults.  I also have interests in attachment, the intergenerational transference of attachment style, and the psychology of personality. My undergraduate degree was in Psychology and Philosophy and I also maintain an interest in the philosphy of psychology