Kerrie Bundock

BSc, MSc

Trainee Clinical Psychologist


I am currently in my third year of clinical psychology training. I am on my specialist placement at the Highfield Adolescent Unit in Oxford, following four months at a Psychiatric Intensive Care Unit at Huntercombe Hospital in Maidenhead.


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I am interested in working with children including paediatric neuropsychology, inpatient CAMHS and Looked After Children services.


Conference posters and abstracts

Bateman, A., Psaila, K., Bundock, K., Moss, S., Palmer, H., Hutchinson, P., & Allanson, J. (2013). An investigation into discrepancies between self and carer rating responses to the European Brain Injury Questionnaire (EBIQ) in a Community Head Injury Service. Clinical Rehabilitation, 27 (11), 1048-1055.

Ashworth, F., Gracey, F., & Bundock, K. (2013). Coping after brain injury: An exploration of the responses of self-criticism and self-reassurance and their relationship with anxiety and depression. Brain Impairment, 14 (2), 281-379.

Bundock, K., Psaila, K., Bateman, A., Moss, S., Palmer, H., Winegardener, J., Gracey, F., Allanson, J. Let's Take Action! A Model Based Executive Skills Group in a Community Setting for Traumatic Brain Injury clients. Poster presentation, BPS Division of Neuropsychology Annual Conference, November 2013.

Psaila, K., Bateman, A., Bundock, K., et al. Outcome after one year of community rehabilitation offered by a Specialised Head Injury Service; Pilot study reveals significant changes on The Mayo Portland Adaptability Index 4th Edition (MPAI-4). Poster presentation, British Society of Rehabilitation Medicine, April 2013.