Jonathan Boucard


IT Coordinator

  • IT Manager, Harris Manchester College
  • Helpdesk Assistant, Oxford University IT Services

As the IT Co-ordinator for the Oxford Institute of Clinical Psychology Training, I provide the primary point of contact for IT Support between the course and Oxford University for both staff and trainees.

This includes, but is not exclusive to:

  • Hardware & Software Support
  • Providing Wireless Internet access
  • Purchasing IT Equipment
  • Database Administration

Whilst I do not provide direct support for NHS IT facilites, such as those of Oxford Health or Oxford & Buckinghamshire Mental Health Trust, it is still important for me to understand the needs of the course staff and trainees in order to correctly re-direct them to the appropriate support desk.

Useful Links


Isis Education Centre Computer Login

Medical Sciences Division IT Support -

Tel: 01865 226448


Oxford University Email Service (Nexus)

Oxford University IT Services -

Tel: 01862 273200


Harris Manchester College - IT Support

Tel: 01865 281462