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Jessica Barton

BSc (Hons), PGCert (Low Intensity CBT intervention)

Trainee Clinical Psychologist

I am currently in my final of the Oxford Doctorate in Clinical Psychology training course. Over the course of training, I have completed the following placements:


  • Specialist Child and Adolescent Mental Health Community Team
  • Tier 3 Specialist Adult Mental Health Placement supporting individuals with a diagnosis of Personality Disorder
  • Community Older Adult Mental Health
  • Community Adult Learning Disability team


For my final year specialisation, I work with the Community Head Injury Service. I undertake neuropsychological testing and provide appropriate psychological intervention for individuals and couples.

Professional Interests

Over the course of my three years, I have become increasingly interested in ageing, longevity and the impact of loneliness on mental health in older adults. My hope is to build a holistic approach to ageing by combining health economics, neuropsychological perspectives and person-centre psychological therapy. 


My doctoral thesis examines the links between early developmental attachment problems and hoarding disorder, a difficulty defined in the older adult population. I am interested in the role that emotional regulation deficits have to play in the development and maintenance of hoarding disorder.


Barton & Henderson (2016). Peer Support and Youth Recovery: A Brief Review of the Theoretical Underpinnings and Evidence. Canadian Journal of Family and Youth.

Kamboj, Place, Barton, Linke, Curran & Harris (2016). Processing of Alcohol-Related Health Threat in At-Risk Drinkers: An Online Study of Gender-Related Self-Affirmation Effects. Alcohol and Alcoholism.