Iman Hassan

BSc (Hons)

Trainee Clinical Psychologist

What I do

I am currently in my first year of clinical psychology training. This year alongside teaching, I will first be on a six month placement with an adult community mental health team in Slough and later on a six month placement with a team that specialises in working with children and adolescents.

Professional Interests

I have numerous interests within clinical psychology. Prior to training, I particularly enjoyed working as a research assistant where I aided on projects aiming to further improve understanding of autism spectrum disorders and genetic syndromes associated with developmental delay, including relevant support that might be beneficial. I also enjoyed working as an assistant psychologist with older people where I mainly administered neuropsychological assessments with individuals who had some concern about their memory or other cognitive abilities.


Hassan, I. & Hayes, S. (2016). Transforming the relationship between staff and students to effect change. Journal of Educational Innovation, Partnership and Change, 2(1).