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Georgia Cohen

Trainee Clinical Psychologist

What I do

I am in the early stages of my doctoral research which focuses on eating disorder-related symptoms and treatment adherence in young people with cystic fibrosis. Dr Anna Elderton and Dr Myra Cooper are co-supervising my research study.

I have particular interests in research and working with young people in the areas of forensic psychology, learning disabilities and paediatric psychology. I completed an MSc in Forensic Psychology and conducted a piece of research exploring responses to harmful sexual behaviour exhibited by young children.

Prior to training I worked in a variety of settings which included learning disability CAMHS, tier 2 CAMHS, tier 4 (inpatient) CAMHS, the National Autistic Society and adult neuropsychology. 



Cohen, G., & Harvey, J. (2015). The use of psychological interventions for adult male sex offenders with a learning disability: a systematic review. Journal of Sexual Aggression, 1-18. 

Sheehy, S., Cohen, G., & R Owen, K. (2014). Self-management of Diabetes in Children and Young Adults Using Technology and Smartphone Applications. Current Diabetes Reviews10(5), 298-301.

Cohen, G. & Murray, J. (2014). Making sense of harmful sexual behaviour in primary school children: An exploration of school staff responses. European Association for Forensic Child and Adolescent Psychiatry, Psychology and Other Involved Professions (EFCAP) Congress. (poster & abstract)

Cohen, G., Deepak, S. & Johnson, H. (2013). Exploration of the relationship between mental health problems of parents of children with LD, and the development of behavioural or mental health crisis in the children. Quality network for inpatient CAMHS, Royal College of Psychiatrists. 

Albert, N. B., Peiris, Y., Cohen, G., Miall, R. C., & Praamstra, P. (2010). Interference effects from observed movement in Parkinson's disease. Journal of Motor Behavior42(2), 145-149.

Albert, N. B., Cohen, G., Peiris, Y., Miall, R. C., & Praamstra, P. (2008). Interference effects from observed movement in Parkinson's disease.Meeting of the European Neurological Society, France. (poster).

University Prize for Academic Excellence, Best Masters Award with Distinction, 6th Place, (2013) Forensic Psychology MSc, London Metropolitan University.