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Elise Marriott

BSc (Hons)

Trainee Clinical Psychologist

I am currently in my third and final year of training. I have had placements in a variety of settings over the past 2 years, including:

  • Healthy Minds IAPT Service, Buckinghamshire
  • CAMHS Learning Disability team, Oxfordshire
  • CAMHS neuropsychiatry team, Oxfordshire
  • Older Adult mental health service, Berkshire
  • Community Learning Disability team, Oxfordshire

I am now on my specialist placement in inpatient and community neuro-rehabilitation services in Buckinghamshire. 

I am undertaking my doctoral research in neurodevelopmental disorders in parents.  I am interested in the experiences of parents who have symptoms of Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) who also have a child with ASD. 

Professional Interests

My experience prior to training was mainly in forensic and adult learning disability settings. I have worked as an assistant psychologist in various learning disability settings, working with adults with complex needs and challenging behaviour and their staff teams in supported housing and assessment and treatment units. I have also worked in forensic psychiatric secure settings with adults with enduring mental illness and personality disorder.

Since training, I have particular interests in working with neurological and health conditions and with individuals from all age groups. I am drawn towards using a variety of psychological approaches, such as CBT, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, and systemic and attachment theories. 

I am passionate about equality in access to mental health services and community psychology; seeing mental health difficulties as a societal rather than an individual issue and promoting a psychological perspective in addressing 'austerity' policies. 

I think it is important to also contribute to the development of the profession. I have been involved with the Pre-Qualification Group committee as part of the Division of Clinical psychology for a number of years.