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Amelia Carton

BSc (Hons)

Trainee Clinical Psychologist

I am currently in my second year of Clinical Psychology training and am on placement within the Older People Mental Health Team at Prospect Park. My previous two placements were at Healthy Minds, Buckinghamshire Primary Care Wellbeing Service and at the John Radcliffe within the Paediatric Psychology team.

Professional Interests

Prior to clinical training, I worked as a research assistant conducting research with people affected by young onset and rare dementias, particularly Posterior Cortical Atrophy and Alzheimer's disease.

Alongside this role, I worked in the Women's Health department at UCLH, specifically within the perinatal mental health service where I worked therapeutically with women who were at risk of developing puerperal psychosis or depression, and co-facilitated psychoeducational and CBT-based groups for women who were in remission from breast-cancer.


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Carton, A. et al. (2016): The effects of dementia related visual impairment on route following in Posterior Cortical Atrophy and typical Alzheimer’s disease, The Alzheimer’s Association International Conference, Toronto

Carton, A. et al. (2016): Profiles in Paint presented at:

- The Posterior Cortical Atrophy Support Group, London,

- West Cheshire's Listen, Learn & Do Dementia event,

- Posterior Cortical Atrophy Support Group, Wokingham. 

poster presentations

Carton, A. et al. (2015): The Stages of Posterior Cortical Atrophy, The UK Dementia Congress, Telford